SC70 Toyooka New Book Holder

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SC70 Toyooka New Book Holder

This is a multi-purpose book stand that can accommodate many sizes of books.

Holding big books with both hands is tiresome, and sometimes you want to read smaller books while standing. Sometimes you want to have a page held neatly for you right where you left off when you need to be away for a second.

We've taken all these factors into account and incorporated them into this multi-purpose product. There is a page holder on the top, allowing the pages to be held down neatly as if doing so with both hands. Slide the upper page holder up and down to match the height of the book. The stand can hold sizes ranging from small pocket paperbacks to A4 (A3 spread) materials.

You can also slide the upper and lower page holders outwards and inwards to match the thickness of the book. The stand can accommodate books up to 45mm thick.

The angle of the stand can be adjusted to 4 levels between 30° and 60° and the stand can fold up when not in use.