SC116 Toyooka Portable Book Holder

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SC116 Toyooka Portable Book Holder

SC116 Portable Book Holder

This book stand can fold up compactly, so you can take it with you on the go.

It's sized to fit a small book so it's great as a tablet stand as well. It is about 2.4cm in width when folded.

The page holder can be easily open and close.

Carry it with you in style with an included storage pouch made of "Enshu Men Tsumugi", a textile dating from the Edo period.

Materials American Alder Wood , Cotton

Dimensions at using :190(W)x220(D)x135-220(H)*mm ,

at folding :190(W)x220(D)x24(H)*mm ,


Notes : Please wet-wipe with the cloth. Don't use chemical detergent.