SC112 Toyooka Pen Tray with Hinged Lid

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SC112 Toyooka Pen Tray with Hinged Lid

SC112 Pen Tray with Fixed Lid

This tray has a lid that can be opened and shut like a door, and can fit up to 15 fountain pens.

There are 15 grooves at the bottom of the case, each one approximately 18mm in width.

You can beautifully display 15 writing implements.

The sides and bottom of the case are carefully lined by hand with raised fabric, protecting your collection.

The lid has an acrylic window so you can display your collection.

The lid pivots on the back of the case so you can open and close it just like a door.

Materials alder (north America), plywood, acrylic, rayon

Dimensions 300(W)x200(D)x40(H)*mm

Notes : Please wet-wipe with the cloth. Don't use chemical detergent.