Conway Stewart Silver Storm

Conway Stewart Pen Blanks©

Yes, you have arrived at the right place, We bought in 2014 from the Administrators all of the pen making material from Conway Stewart & Co.

We bought Thousands of Rods, Bars and even sheets of their well-known colours, luckily for us we also got prototypes, rare stock even new unused stock. We have not even sorted through everything yet.

Our material came out of the Plymouth Factory.

Since we have marketed the material numerous companies have tried to get in on the act, (money makes some people do funny things and even rip people off)

I want to make it 100% clear if the Conway Stewart material has not come from The Turners Workshop Ltd, it is not Genuine, we have seen people sell Custom pens stating the pen has been made from Conway Stewart materials when it has not,  They have been made from reproduced materials, from now on The Turners Workshop ltd will actively expose any false representation no matter how embarrassing it is to the makers, This is to protect our buyers who deserve Genuine products after all without our loyal Customers none of us would be in business  

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Conway Stewart Silver Storm

Conway Stewart Pen Blanks©

Silver Storm

as used on the C.S. Series 100

The Turners Workshop did it again for you pen makers, we managed to secure the full batch of Acrylics, Casein & Ebonite, from the Liquidation sale of Conway Stewart,

We were the only company to buy the stock from the factory! If anybody else sells you Conway material unless it has come from us it is not genuine!

Probably to the Disappointment to many pen collectors who have paid many hundreds of £s for their pens, you can now make your own pens out of the same material Conway used to make their pens selling for up to £1500 Once it is gone that’s it, another era over.

The blanks shown in the photo have been polished (quickly I don’t have the patience) You will get a better finish, I recommend micromesh pads and the Hut plastic polish, and this way you will get a better finish than Conway ever did.

Some of the blanks will be in bar form, others rods as some of the material was turned round on the CNC lathes at Conway

Sizes are 18-20 mm diameter x 130mm long